HotFuse is a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends and family.

Take a photo apply the filter, edit or augment with live filter, then apply stickers, emojis, clip photo and paste, write a text or doodle with your finger. Then post on hotfuse, facebook or twitter.

HotFuse is all about connecting and sharing.


How To Use HotFuse Mobile Application:

Download HotFuse (Android & iOS)from following links:




Signing Up:

On HotFuse, you can Sign-Up or Sign-In either using the social media (like:- Facebook and Twitter) or using your mobile number.

Social media authentication here will provide quick access to the application.

If you opt for authentication via phone number, then make sure you choose a password that’s easy to remember, and, moreover, strong enough to keep others guessing.


Posting any image and video:

It's easier to post on HotFuse.

Once your authenticated, you will be directed to the Home Screen of the application.

On the bottom of the screen, tap on Video icon. This will direct you to the camera screen, where you can "Take a Picture", "Attach a Picture" and "Record a Video".

After taking a picture or attaching a picture, you will directed to the filters screen where you can apply various artistic filters effects to your picture.

You can also use live mask filters using face detection, by clicking the "Face Icon" on the "Camera Screen".



A user can post blogs, by visiting the "Home Screen" of the application and clicking on the "What's Happening!" box given at the top of the screen.

Here, user can post blogs with attachments(Image, Audio and Video).


View User Posts:

In order to view latest posts, from users all over the world. User can click on the search icon given at the top-left corner of the "Home Screen".

Tapping this icon, will direct user to the "Explore Screen".


Chat:(Communicating with other users)

HotFuse also provides a user, an easy way to communicate with his/her friends.

Chat can be accessed, either from user "Profile Screen" or "Home Screen".

A user can also make Audio/Video Calls to his/her friends through chat.